JBLM Brewfest 2015

For anyone that might be following M&M Brewery, we are going to submit a version of our CDA to the JBLM Brewfest 2015 in February.  If you’re in the area and want a taste of our CDA stop by our booth.





Long time, no post…

I’ve been thinking a lot about my site, but not really paying much attention to it!

Brewing has been slowed because of my efforts to finish up my masters degree.  Though I have been successful in brewing several batches of beer.  I brewed a batch of Winter Ale, Frambios and a Pumpkin Ale by special request.  I’ve always wanted to brew a Lambic so finally this year I was able, initial fermentation was quicker than I expected and actually the initial taste wasn’t as “foot like” as I had expected!  The Winter Ale is coming along nicely but the receipt wasn’t quite as exciting as I had hoped.  Finally the Pumpkin Ale my wife requested turned out pretty excellent!  I decided this year to try out a porter base with my typical pumpkin spice and baked pumpkin additions…after primary it was delicious but both of us thought it needed a little more cinnamon spice so I added two more sticks into the secondary.  In another week I will taste it, I guess it won’t be done by Thanksgiving, but I’m sure it will make my wife happy.

Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving

I just thought it would be nice to offer up my wishes for you all to have a happy thanksgiving.  Remember to focus on what you’re thankful for (ie. Family, Friends…Beer).  Next year we might actually open a tasting room so I’m super thankful for that.  Best wishes to my friends at Tacoma Brewing Co.

Christmas is coming, do you have a special homebrew for the holidays?

Best Wishes,


Brewing on Super Bowl Sunday

Had dinner with some friends last night and started talking about what we were going to do on Super Bowl Sunday.  Aside from going to church my plans almost never include football unless there is beer involved.  So instead of Watching the Game on Sunday we plan on brewing up some of our very special CDA.  Can’t wait to brew and make it available to the public.

– Charles

Deschutes: “Chasin’ Freshies”

My latest experience with a fresh new beer was last night…I had the opportunity to hang out with some friends in Yakima, WA and they took me to this quaint little beer shop called “The Beer Shoppe”.  Initially it was the name that caught my eye, but after the first taste I was hooked.  If you get a chance go get you some “Chasin’ Freshies” Fresh Hopped IPA by Deschutes Brewery.  Maybe that’s going to be my next Brew?


American Homebrewer’s Association 2012 Homebrewers Competition!

As the adage goes one good turn deserves another and on the heels of our success at The Parkway Chuck and I are taking our now famous CDA to the American Homebrewer’s Association 2012 Homebrewers Competition! Our submission is due by Spring so it’s a good thing we got started…yesterday! We will be sure to be ready as last year’s competition brought in more than 1,600 entries. We are a small (and very ambitious) fish in a big pond but we know we are putting out a darn good brew and have a few friends who would agree! Keep your monocle’s up for details!

"A beer for every man…even you champ!"